Seattle Magazine’s top doc to answer questions at free women’s health social Aug. 26

Lake Chelan Community Hospital & Clinics (LCCHC) will host a free Women’s Health Social at Tsillan Cellars’ Sorrento’s on Monday, Aug. 26. The event, which will feature urogynecologist Dr. George McClure, begins at 12:30 PM. Dessert will be served.

Dr. McClure has been named one of Seattle Magazine’s “Top Doctors” two years in a row, and he will be available at LCCHC through October. He will give a short presentation at the upcoming social, followed by a Q&A session.

No questions are off limits. Heavy bleeding, Leaking when you laugh. Painful sex.

“Ask what you’ve been afraid to ask,” said Dr. McClure, who specializes in both medical care for more mature women and pelvic floor reconstruction. “Chances are the person sitting next to you has wondered the same thing.”

Many women’s health topics are “taboo” subjects, even though they are very common. For example, a third of women suffer from periodic bladder mishaps. Bladder leakage especially affects women over the age of 55. Studies show, however, less than 40 percent of affected women will mention their problem to a doctor or nurse. They may incorrectly assume it’s part of growing older or may be too embarrassed to ask about it, said McClure.

The wellness team at LCCHC wants women to know there are ways to manage, or even cure, women’s health challenges such as bladder leakage. “We hope women come to the social and ask questions so they can experience the highest quality of life,” said McClure.

To make an appointment with Dr. McClure at Lake Chelan Clinic, please call 509-682-2511. For more information about the event, contact Celeste Hankins at 509-726-6006.