Covid-19 Vaccine Information

(Last updated: January 13, 2021)

Lake Health has received the Moderna vaccine.  As per federal, state and local government guidelines vaccines will be distributed in a series of phases established by the Washington State Department of Health.

Current vaccines are being provided to frontline healthcare employees, EMS (Emergency Medical Services) employees, and local fire and first responders.

At this time, Lake Chelan Health is NOT scheduling appointments or keeping a waiting list outside of the current vaccination phase A1.

We are working closely with the state and other agencies in preparation to begin vaccinations for Phase B1.  We don’t know when Phase B1 will begin, but are hopeful that it could happen within the next couple weeks.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Visit our website for continued updates as information is likely to change throughout the vaccination process, recommendations and administration qualifications as directed by the state.

What are Washington’s COVID-19 Phases?

Washington State Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Availability  Timeline

Where will I get my vaccine once it becomes available?

Once you are eligible to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, Lake Chelan Health’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan with likely include:

  • Drive-thru vaccination clinics
  • In-person walk-in vaccination clinics

Vaccination Clinic dates and times will be made available when Lake Chelan Health has received more shipments of the vaccine and have been approved for Phase B1.

Registering for your vaccination will be recommended.  Registrations are NOT being scheduled at this time. 

Vaccination Clinic Dates and Times for Phase B1:

Dates and times will be made available when approved for release.  Check back regularly for updates.

What to know before getting your vaccine:

  • If you get the first dose, you also need to get second dose.  To avoid wasting a dose, do not miss your second dose appointment.
  • Check your schedule to make sure you are available to get your second dose 28 after your first dose.  If you will not be available for  the second dose, do not schedule your first dose.

What to do before and after having received the Coronavirus vaccine:

For Phase A1 and A2 ONLY:

Before Getting Your Vaccine: For Healthcare Personnel, EMS, and Fire ONLY  Moderna Registration Packet 12-26-2020

After Getting Your Vaccine: v-safe-After Vaccination App

 Learn more about COVID-19 Vaccine:

Centers for Disease Control