Dec 28, 2013
Lake Chelan Community Hospital

Skills check classes are held at 3 PM. All employees are required to sign up at the EMS office for Skills date prior to the actual date. You may also sign up by emailing cpr@lcc.net or calling 509.393.8681. Classes will not be canceled unless no one is signed up one week prior.

Please make sure that all hospital employees needing the Healthcare Provider or the Heartsaver CPR class follow the steps below to get a key code to their online class.
1.    Email cpr@lcch.net that you need a key code. Include the following in your email:
    •    Your full name
    •    The department you work in
    •    The class you need either Healthcare Provider or Heartsaver

2.    A key code will then be emailed to you within 3 day, so don’t wait till the last minute. In the email the dates of the next 2 skill check days will be included.

3.    Then follow the directions in the email to register and complete your online portion.

4.    After completion of your online class please call or stop by the EMS office to sign up for the next skill check day. One Skills Check is scheduled each month. LCCH skills checks will not be cancelled. Stuents have 60 days from the time they complete their online course to complete the skills check.

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