Oct 23, 2012
Cooking Class by Sorrento's
Leah Thompson, RN
Manson North Shore Bible Church

Learn how to make the following dishes which can be used as light main courses or hearty sides (pestos are served with paremesan zuchini chips and grapes):

  • Spaghetti squash with pesto & prawns
  • Brussels’ Hash with sweet potato & prosciutto, served with fresh melon
  • Swiss chard & kale pesto
  • Roasted red pepper & onion pesto
  • Basil & lemon pesto
  • Scalloped & mashed cauliflower with wild mushroom gravy

6:30 PM

The Criscuolo Family is a long line of steadfast chefs from the San Francisco Bay area. Chef /Owner’s Gennaro and Jerry Criscuolo have brought Nina Criscuolo from Tanti Baci Ristorante back to the family business she and her brother grew up in, to run the front of the house for their amazing new facility. Chef Nina has no reservations when it comes to healthy cuisine in the dining arena. She has over 20 years of restaurant experience, traveled to Italy to learn Authentic Southern Italian and her Pistachio Crusted Halibut was featured in Sunset Magazine. Nina has helped many women lose weight with her delicious and creative recipes ,as well as herself, after having two children. She has always had to watch her own blood sugar and is well aware of food allergies, diet trends and overall well being through nutrition. Nina and her brother Gennaro have allied into providing a healthy menu for Sorrento’s delicious menu.


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