Nov 1, 2012
Cooking Class by Jay Witherbee
Leah Thompson, RN
Chelan Senior Center, 534 Trow Ave. Chelan

Jay promises a touch of Italian flair in this class, which will feature fresh herb vegetables, pasta options and sauces that don’t add a ton of calores to the meal. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to see how italian cooking can be both healthy and delicious. Jay will share secrets that he will learn from from cooking classes he will take in Italy this fall.

6:30 PM

Jay Witherbee has held many career positions, but his true love of cooking has never changed. As the local host of the sencond cup of coffee program on KO/zi radio, he has been known for his prime rib dinners, which were auctioned off to benefit the food bank last Christmas. Rave reviews returned. He loves to smoke foods and try new recipes. This fall, Jay and his wife are headed to Italy, where he will be taking some cooking classes, learning the secrets of true Italian cooking. GET FIT! Lake Chelan is forutnate to have Jay share his new cooking talents with us.


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