Healthy Lake Chelan Valley Challenge

The Healthy Lake Chelan Valley Challenge is inspired by GET FIT! LAKE CHELAN, a community partnership between Lake Chelan Community Hospital (LCCH) and founder Ben Higgins, with many additional community partners committed to making a healthier Lake Chelan Valley. This year's event is sponsored by Chelan Fresh.

The 2015 100-day Challenge

March 1 - June 8

  • Free fitness and nutrition workshops by hospital providers
  • Free activity / nutrition log for first 100 participants
  • Enjoy 100 minutes of activity a week
  • Lose 20 pounds for chance to win $1,000
  • Extra chance for each additional 10 pounds lost
  • Nutrition / Fitness Consultation


Feb. 26, 2015    7AM-9AM & 3:30PM -5:30PM (Hospital Bragg Room)

Feb. 27, 2015    7AM-9AM & 3:30PM -5:30PM (Hospital Board Room)


Monday June 8th 7AM-9AM & 3:30PM -5:30PM (Hospital Bragg Room)

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