About Us

Founded in 1948, Lake Chelan Community Hospital (LCCH) is a fully-accredited 25-bed Critical Access Hospital in Chelan, Washington.  We offer a 24-hour Emergency Room and inpatient and outpatient services. By partnering with specialists and larger hospitals across the state, LCCH ensures high quality medical services close to home. Our caregivers combine expertise with personalized care. It is also our priority to work with our Lake Chelan neighbors and partners to build a healthier community.

As our community grows, hospital leadership recognizes the need for high quality medical services will increase as well. They are committed to continue planning for the future of healthcare in the Lake Chelan Valley, ensuring the availability of those services close to home. Lake Chelan Community Hospital (LCCH) is a fully-accredited Critical Access Hospital.


Our mission is to provide patient centered, quality healthcare with compassion and respect.

Patient safety and quality care are our top priorities. We report accurate and honest information about our quality of care. This information documents how we are doing in some key service lines. We routinely compare our performance to other public hospitals, whenever possible. We are proud of the quality of care we provide and hope you find this information useful when making health care decisions.

Washington State Hospital Quality - link to http://wahospitalquality.org/
Hospital Compare - link to
CMS - Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services - link to http://www.cms.hhs.gov/

Public Records
Contact Dee Barnett, public records officer, at dbarnett@lcch.net

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Patient Safety
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Vernita Nolan, RN at 509-682-3300.

Lake Chelan Community Hospital
Phone: 509-682-3300
Email: info@lcch.net

Nondiscrimination Policy
For the purposes of complying with the rules and regulations set forth and enforced by the Office of Civil Rights, Lake Chelan Community Hospital / Lake Chelan Clinic informs the public, patients and employees that the agency does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability or age.

End of Life Care / Death with Dignity Act Initiative 1000 Policy
Patient Nondiscrimination
Reproductive Health Care
Tort Policy and Form